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Deserted VR
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Volanti Globus


Quackers App Savage Applications

Quackers is a fun free 2D game. You have to move Sir Quacksimus side to side dodging the falling cages to keep him alive. You will earn a point for every cage you dodge, however, they will fall faster and faster as the time you are alive for increases.

Quackers available for iOS here!

*As of 17/05/2018 from 8 reviews on the Apple App Store

Deserted VR

Deserted VR Savage Applications
Deserted VR is a virtual reality experience where you are deserted on a boat in the middle of the ocean surrounded by sharks.

Download Deserted VR for free here!

Volanti Globus


Volanti Globus is a puzzle/platformer game. The goal is to tilt your phone to move a ball around the screen, avoiding traps to get to the key and complete the level.

Download Volanti Globus for free here!

Buy Volanti Globus for £0.49 here!